Polyfloss Factory confirmed!

We are delighted to announce our first confirmed makers, the Polyfloss Factory, who will grace Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire with their vibrant take on plastic recycling.

Like every good funfair we’ll have a candy-floss machine ready to please the crowds at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire, but this colourful fluff is not as tasty as it might look… The Polyfloss team have developed an awesome technique for small-scale plastic reprocessing that is based on the same technology which brings us that fluffy funfair favourite.

le processus_1

Polypropylene plastic (recycling symbol no.5) is ground up, and fed into a heated spinning drum. The plastic granules are pushed to the outside of the drum where they meet a nozzle. The plastic melts, allowing it to flow through the nozzle and then shoot out into the air where it quickly cools. With lots of small nozzles positioned around this rotating drum thousands of wispy strands of plastic are formed in a couple of minutes and the resulting fluff can be scooped out, ready to be molded into new objects, wrapped, melted, knitted, felted or used in a thousand as yet undiscovered ways.


We’re looking forward to showing off the Polyfloss Factory and finding out what strange creations will be made with this colourful but disappointingly sugar-free material. http://www.thepolyflossfactory.com

tuiles - copie

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