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Maker Focus: Illuminating Geometry

Today’s post focuses on artist Jenny Dockett , who creates magic with paper and light.

Illuminating geometery 3

Using a variety of recycled papers, card and material; she builds complex icosahedron lanterns and fills them with LEDs. Mesmerising effects are achieved by the light passing through different thicknesses and colours of the papers.

Illuminating Geometry 2

These solid shapes have been known since ancient times and were described in some detail by Pythagorus, Theatetus, and Euclid. Plato assigned each shape to one of the four classical elements. The cube represented Earth, the octahedron air, the icosahedron water and the tetrahedron fire. But what of the dodecahedron? Plato said it “was used by the god for arranging the constellations in the whole heaven”.

Jenny will be creating an illuminating geometry room at the Mini Maker Faire – we can wait!

Illuminating Geometry

It’s time to play!

During the Mini Maker Faire, Bafta Award-winning animators and game designers Lucky Frame will be taking over Summerhall’s old animal hospital. The space will be filled with multiplayer hacked up games, just like this one…

Lucky Frame (image courtesy of the lucky frame blog
And this one…

The Lucky Frame team are dedicated to creating accessible, fun, and unusual gaming experiences, and are keen to overcome preconceptions that all games are violent, scary, creepy, or sexist. Their recent ‘Tacos, Bluegrass and Videogames’ extravaganza was a huge success. Hardly surprising, especially as the event was billed “The best things in the world, all at once, with beer” (we very much agree!). Join us at the Mini Maker Faire to discover what weird and wonderful creations they’ll bring with them!

Maker Focus: Remade

There is a brave band of superheroes in Edinburgh, helping to make life better with their tool kits and handy skills. Remade is a community-led initiative with a helpful reuse and repair centre in the city. They want everyone to get involved in their mission to reduce waste by up-cycling, re-using and repairing. Fighting against a culture of cheap, disposable items they want to create a zero waste Edinburgh!


You drop in to one of their Remade sessions at the Guthrie Street studio. The friendly bunch will welcome you in for tea and biscuits while they take a look at your repair job and help you fix it!

Join their Mini Maker Faire workshop to learn how to make your very own book, bound with recycled materials! Find out more and book tickets here.


Maker Focus: Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen

Whoever said soap was boring, obviously never met Granny Sally!

Granny SallyGranny Sally’s stall at Edinburgh’s Mini Maker Faire in 2013 (Photography by Chris Scott,

The focus of today’s blog are the quirky, creative, soapy geniuses behind Granny Sally’s Soap Kitchen and Candle Emporium. This family run business specialises in soaps, scrubs, skincare and candles that look and smell delicious. Who could resist a cupcake soap that looks good enough to eat or a candle in a teacup? Not only that, but Granny’s team hand make all their products in Edinburgh and are passionate about using only natural fruit and vegetable based ingredients, making their range for sensitive skins.

This year they are hosting workshops in Granny’s  all new Soap Lab! Learn to make candles or soap using traditional techniques and tricks of the trade. Suitable for makers aged 5 and up.

Maker Focus: Wudwerx

Today’s focus is Wudwerx, a small company on a mission to give nature a helping hand. From their Edinburgh studio, the team builds homes for garden birds, hedgehogs, bees and bats. Each one is thoughtfully designed to create a safe and cosy space while looking beautiful in your garden.

Wudwerx 1Unfortunately many of Britain’s garden birds are in decline, due in part to diminishing appropriate habitat. However, there is a lot you can do to help birds by providing suitable space and shelter. Luckily, Wudwerx will be leading a bird box building workshop at this year’s Mini Maker Faire. The whole family can learn to make a classic wooden birdhouse, perfect for hanging in the garden!

You can book your place on the workshop here.

Maker Focus: Joanne Baker

Jeweller and artist Joanne Baker is the focus of today’s Maker blog. Based in Edinburgh, Joanne has a unique approach to creating jewellery, bringing together unusually elements to create something rather special. Inspired by the urban landscape, her brooches, necklaces and earrings are bright, tactile pieces of waerable artwork. Describing her creative process she says: “I love experimenting with new materials and incorporating them into my work – resin, textiles, and lately wood and Iona marble.”

Joanne Baker -Felt

Join her Mini Maker Faire workshop to discover the world of felting. Using soft merino wool, you can learn to create a colourful, tactile percussion toy. Oh and things are going to get a bit soapy, so don’t forget your apron and a towel!

Joanne Baker - felt toy

Maker Focus: Materialise

Today we’re featuring Materialise,  aka expert seamstresses and lifelong friends Resse and Brigette, the founders of Edinburgh’s first sewing cafe. The pair were inspired to set up shop in Scotland by the crafty cafes they visited travelling and living abroad in Europe and Canada – always with a sewing machine in tow of course!


In their cosy West Port studio, the ladies offer a range of popular workshops catering to complete beginners and old hands alike. You can even pop-in and borrow their professional equipment to work on your own creations. We are delighted that Materialise are returning to the Mini Maker Faire following their sell-out workshops in 2013. This year they will be extra busy, hosting FOUR fantastic classes throughout the day!

ImageMaterialise workshop at the Mini Maker Faire in 2013 (Photography by Chris Scott, )

All ages are welcome to unfold ‘Paper surprises‘ and learn to make origami boxes, flowers, hats and purses. Another option for no-sew fun is the ‘Make a lampshade workshop‘, where you’ll  be taught to make and take home your own fabulous circular lampshade.

Or get sewing with an ‘Intro to sewing machine skills‘ and ‘Sewing with stretch‘. Make a beautiful cushion cover while learning the basics of machine sewing, or unlock the secrets of working with tricky stretch jersey fabrics. Both these classes are suitable for keen crafters over 16.

Maker Focus: Codasign

Today’s maker focus features the innovative digital media collective Codasign.

The Codasign team includes scientists, designers, media experts, musicians, technicians and games designers, brought together by a belief that digital technologies are as creative a medium as paint and canvas. In their London Studio, they welcome both children and adults to get creative with technology by making music, creating visual art and having fun through experimentation. They specialise in using open source tools such as Processing, Arduino, Scratch and MaKey MaKey.


In the first workshop Codasign are presenting at the Mini Maker Faire, children over five can learn how to make an interactive digital puppet. They will be taught to use the innovative animation and storytelling software, Scratch and MaKey MaKey, the 21st century invention kit.

Adults can get in on the fun too in Codasign’s Capacitive Sensing Arduino workshop. You can learn how to control sounds or light with a wave of your hand with Arduino and Bare Conductive’s Electric Paint! There are limited spaces available, so please book early to avoid disappointment.

The collective will also be hosting an all day drop in robot badge making workshop!