Meet Robotical

We caught up with Alexander from Robotical to find out more about their amazing robot Archie*.

At Robotical we’re making a low cost walking robot that’s more than a toy. Fully programmable, 3D printable, and really hackable and expandable. Our little robot can walk, turn, dance, kick a ball, and more – add a camera and you can even get him to play football! He’s designed to be a great way to get into robotics – for example, by programming movements in Scratch – but to also let you get into some really advanced topics if you want to.


The robot was born as a side project from my PhD. I wanted to make a walking robot that was cheap and easy to build, easy to program, but which had a huge amount of capability. It had to be really expandable – it works standalone but can also hold a Raspberry Pi, and all the parts can be customised and 3D printed – and it had to be something that would be as easy to get started with as a toy. I came up with a mechanism for the legs which I thought was pretty neat, and designed the rest of the kit around that, 3D printing all the parts at home.

We’re now trying to go from these functional prototypes to a real product, and will be crowdfunding soon!

*Archie won’t be called Archie for very much longer… it turns out that name is already taken, so he needs a new name! If you suggest the name we choose, you’ll win a robot! Find out more here.

Robotical will be at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 10 April. Get your tickets here.


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