Meet Noisy Toys



Noisy Toys is all about having fun experimenting with sound:

  • Workshops that involve creative thinking about science, music, technology and sustainability.
  • Excitingly dangerous stage shows and demonstrations, stand alone, or part of our Interactive Installations.
  • Science busking walkabout acts with our Audio Assault Buggy and Bass Station.

Noisy Toys are bringing their Audio Assault Buggy to the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on 10 April. The Audio Assault Buggy is a mobile Science Busking Buggy loaded with strange and wonderful up-cycled sonic weaponry for you to experiment with. Catch the Audio Assault Buggy as it travels round Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. The Noise Technicians will be testing various objects: noses, ears, bananas, and anything else you can find. Are they really helping people learn about sound, vibrations and circuitry with their hand-made built-from-junk instruments?  Are they engaging people in random noisy creativity for pure scientific experimentation?  Or are they actually conducting sophisticated tests on an unsuspecting public, under the subtle guise of bumbling inept scientists? Who knows…they certainly don’t that’s for sure! It’ll be fun finding out so come and try some experiments- if you can find them. Listen out for Squeaking noses, Zapping slinkys, Screeching junk-violins and Booming Bass Drives.

Come and participate at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on 10 April. Get your tickets here.

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