Crowdfunding campaign kicks off for Marty the Robot

Remember the little blue robot from the 2016 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire poster?


Marty wowed audiences at the Faire with demonstrations of his ability to dance, walk and even play football. He is a low cost, fully programmable and customisable walking robot, created by Edinburgh University PhD graduate Alexander Enoch and the company he founded, Robotical.

The company has now launched a crowdfunding campaign, aiming to create hundreds of Martys to inspire future generations of programmers and engineers. The robots are designed be used by kids, educators and makers, to help people learn about programming, electronics, mechanical design, 3D printing and robotics.

Find out more about Marty and the campaign on Robotical’s website.

Some pictures from the 2016 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire

We had a fantastic time at this year’s Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 10 April and were delighted to be joined by a marvellous mix of makers and over 1,500 visitors.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Want to see more? Check out our online media gallery to view more photos from the day.

1 day to go…

It’s only 1 day to go until Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. Here’s our penultimate countdown image!

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2 days to go…

We continue our Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire countdown with another version of an iconic magazine cover.

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Meet Knot Unknot

Some makers might take an existing tool and adapt it into something recognisable, but different. Knot Unknot is a perfect example of this kind of innovative attitude to making. Knot Unknot is a business run by Madeline Shepherd and includes a project that combines a knitting machine with affordable computing.


Knitting machines came to market in the 1970s. They are a long device used to knit simple patterns in two colours of wool. Once threaded with wool, simple ‘programs’ could be fed into a reader on one side of the machine. The user would push a shuttle left to right and a line would be knitted. Then back the other way, right to left.


With each line, the hooks would move, and the two-colour pattern would be revealed. These patterns were limited by the size of the program being fed into the machine, which might be a card with eight repeating lines, or with later models, mylar film with around sixty repeating lines.

Madeline has used an open-source kit by Ayab Knitting which replaces the card reader with an Aduino controlled device. Using this, the pattern being fed into the machine is now effectively endless. And any two-colour picture can be now rendered into wool.

See Madeline and the Knot Unknot knitting machine in action at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 10 April 2016. Get your tickets here!

3 days to go…

We continue our Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire countdown with our take on another iconic magazine cover.

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Meet Joanne Baker and Wear Eco-Art

Joanne Baker introduces her Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire project, Wear Eco-Art.
Drop-in and make at Joanne Baker Jewellery‘s very colourful table in the Dissection Room.  “Wear Eco-Art” will involve three brand new hands-on crafty workshops all in one place. 
Choose one material or choose all and have a go learning three different life hacks with coloured metal, paper/plastic and yarn.  My table was busy with feverish creativity last year and with this year’s new techniques I expect all ages will want to have a go!
You can meet Joanne and take part in Wear Eco-Art at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire this Sunday 10 April. Book your tickets now!

4 days to go…

We continue our Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire countdown with our take on another iconic magazine cover.

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Meet Hannah Ayre

Hannah Ayre will be at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 10 April. Here she took some time to introduce herself and her work.

I am a participatory artist working with audiences where the boundaries between art, craft, performance and collaboration are blurred.


Works range from small craft items to large-scale outdoor sculpture, performance and events. My projects often take place in unconventional settings, taking the work out of the gallery and removing some of the barriers to participation.

I have been making for as long as I can remember. Some of my favourite materials and techniques include ceramics, textiles and origami.


At the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire I look forward to showing you how to make your own badge with my badge making machine.

You can meet Hannah Ayre and make your own badge at Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 10 April. Buy tickets here.

5 days to go…

We continue our Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire countdown with our second take on an iconic magazine cover.

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