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Bringing back the One Man Band

Today we’re focusing on a musical maker – Citizen Bravo, a one man band created by Matt Brennan (formerly of Scottish indie group Zoey Van Goey) in collaboration with artisan blacksmith David Frazier.


The kit includes a suitcase bass drum, a skateboard keyboard stand, and customizable modular arm sockets to host additional instruments (such as a snare drum and ukulele).  See how it all goes together in the video below:

Matt is also interested in the wider resurgence of one man bands in popular culture, and as a music researcher at the University of Edinburgh he is exploring how their renewed popularity relates to concerns ranging from the aesthetic (total creative autonomy), the romantic (the image of the lone troubadour), the technological (the mass production of live looping software and pedals), and the economic (no bandmates with whom to split income at a time when traditional revenue streams, especially recording sales, have dwindled).

Join Matt at the Mini Maker Faire to see this marvellous musical machinery close up and chat about the wonders of the one man band!