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CycleHack is an events and training organisation which has grown into a global movement, now happening in over 40 cities around the world. The project brings people together to design solutions to barriers to cycling.

CycleHack logo
For the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire, they’re rolling out CycleHack Education, a model aimed at young people, giving them the opportunity to try out CycleHacks of their own.

They’ll be playing with Sugru, laser cutting and card to hack bikes and street furniture to make it easier for people to cycle. When the hacks are finished, they will be uploaded to the CycleHack catalogue for everyone to share across the globe.

Bring your bikes, helmets and other biking goods to hack them with CycleHack at the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire at Summerhall on Sunday 19 April.

Introducing Omnishambles

We’re really excited about all the amazing makers who are getting in touch, so we wanted to share another of the latest applications. This one, from bonkers local makers Omnishambles, looks like it’s going to fit right in!

Omnishambles create handmade art, props, curiosities and pretty things to wear: a fusion of the ultra-modern and retro, with a little steam punk madness and urban magic.

Their most recent project? Have a look at these wacky and wonderful ukuleles they’ve been working on:

images of ukuleles by Ominshambles

We can’t wait to see them at this year’s Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire on Sunday 19 April 2015.

Remember the deadline for maker submissions is Sunday 1 February so there’s still time to get in touch if you’d like to be a part of it.

Bringing back the One Man Band

Today we’re focusing on a musical maker – Citizen Bravo, a one man band created by Matt Brennan (formerly of Scottish indie group Zoey Van Goey) in collaboration with artisan blacksmith David Frazier.


The kit includes a suitcase bass drum, a skateboard keyboard stand, and customizable modular arm sockets to host additional instruments (such as a snare drum and ukulele).  See how it all goes together in the video below:

Matt is also interested in the wider resurgence of one man bands in popular culture, and as a music researcher at the University of Edinburgh he is exploring how their renewed popularity relates to concerns ranging from the aesthetic (total creative autonomy), the romantic (the image of the lone troubadour), the technological (the mass production of live looping software and pedals), and the economic (no bandmates with whom to split income at a time when traditional revenue streams, especially recording sales, have dwindled).

Join Matt at the Mini Maker Faire to see this marvellous musical machinery close up and chat about the wonders of the one man band!