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Harmonograph by Tim Vincent-Smith

Harmonographic machines use pendular motion to make sounds and shapes.

Tim Vinvent-Smith will present some of his most recent machines at the 2015 Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire. This will include a sub bass generatorgraph made from computer hard drives, amplifier and oscilloscope, (spin the disks) a singer-sewing-machine-table pedal-powered, mechano pantograph (pedal the singer) and a prototype app which will eventually create 3d harmonographic images from the sound input of your mobile phone (sing and marvel).

See Tim speak about his recent work in an interview with Summerhall tv below:

Bringing back the One Man Band

Today we’re focusing on a musical maker – Citizen Bravo, a one man band created by Matt Brennan (formerly of Scottish indie group Zoey Van Goey) in collaboration with artisan blacksmith David Frazier.


The kit includes a suitcase bass drum, a skateboard keyboard stand, and customizable modular arm sockets to host additional instruments (such as a snare drum and ukulele).  See how it all goes together in the video below:

Matt is also interested in the wider resurgence of one man bands in popular culture, and as a music researcher at the University of Edinburgh he is exploring how their renewed popularity relates to concerns ranging from the aesthetic (total creative autonomy), the romantic (the image of the lone troubadour), the technological (the mass production of live looping software and pedals), and the economic (no bandmates with whom to split income at a time when traditional revenue streams, especially recording sales, have dwindled).

Join Matt at the Mini Maker Faire to see this marvellous musical machinery close up and chat about the wonders of the one man band!

Maker Focus: Noisy Toys

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be posting articles in our blog which give you some more information on the Makers who will be participating in this year’s Faire.

First up it’s newcomers Noisy Toys who are making their first Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire appearance in 2014.


Noisy Toys produce unique instruments and interactive installations to encourage learning through the creative exploration of sound and promote upcycling to find new noisy uses for junk.

At the Faire, they will be inviting visitors to get creative, join the jam and MAKE SOME NOISE!

You can make beautiful music (or just a racket!) with an instrument built from their crates of ‘acoustic junk’ and learn about sound waves, vibrations, amplification, circuits, electrical conductivity and resistance. Also catch their Audio Assault Buddy as it makes its way round, loaded with strange and wonderful sonic weaponry and a punchy sound system and conducts experiments on unsuspecting passers-by.

Noisy Toys will have you getting into the groove and making an array of sounds in no time!

Meet another Maker!

Discover the unique sound creations of artist and musician Sarah Kenchington.

As well as taking part in the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire, Sarah will appear at the Mini Maker Faire Afterparty on the evening of Sunday 7 April, celebrating a successful day of making and the end of the Edinburgh International Science Festival.

Tickets for both these events are available now. Visit sciencefestival.co.uk for more details and to book, or call the box office on 0844 557 2686.

On Another Note from Keiba Clubb on Vimeo.

Phonograph – discover a piece of sound history

Visitors to the Mini Maker Faire will have the rare opportunity to experience one of the world’s earliest music machines – an original working Edison phonograph.

Phonograph1 - credit Gordon Rutter

Photo: Gordon Rutter

Phonograph3 - credit scienceatlife

Photo: Elin Roberts







This amazing machine was first designed by Thomas Edison in 1877. While he was not the first to come up with a sound recorder, his was the first device that could also play the recorded sound back.

Composer and sound engineer Sarah Angliss and artist Colin Uttley will be performing live demonstrations on the phonograph and you’ll also have the chance to try it out for yourself.

Phonograph2 - credit scienceatlife

Photo: Elin Roberts

Tickets for the Mini Maker Faire are now on sale. Click here to book.

The Edinburgh International Science Festival runs from 23 March – 7 April.

Browse and book online at sciencefestival.co.uk or call the booking hotline on 0844 557 2686.

Another confirmed maker! – Dirty Electronics

At the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire you’ll have the chance to experience the cutting-edge of music with digital makers Dirty Electronics. Join designer John Richards for a half-day workshop to build your own version of the Mutesynth II (dotmatrix), a hand-held synth with visual display.

The instrument features a noise generator, feedback and oscillation, wave shaping and a sequencer with internal and external clock control.


At its core is a versatile mini patchbay that provides expansion and modification permutations and a grid-like visual representation of patched parameters. The patchbay encourages playfulness and a particular interaction with the instrument.

The printed circuit board artwork features multiple electrodes in the form of small grid-like squares that provide a labyrinth of possible connections and resulting behaviours. Different sequences and visual patterns are created through hybrid 4-bit binary coding, feedback and distortion.

The full version of the Mutesynth II will be released by Mute Records later this year.


Price: £35

Further details and booking information will be available on announcement of the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire programme.