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Making your own microscope… possibly the best work placement task ever?

We recently had a work experience student in our office called Daniel Haquin from Portobello High School. Daniel saw lots of sides of our business and towards the end of the week we set him the task of creating a smartphone digital microscope. Based on the hit Instructables guide he created a prototype version of this extremely simple and yet beautiful contraption (find out how to do it yourself here).

Have a look at the pictures he took below and see if you can guess what he was zooming in on…
We were massively impressed with Daniel’s work, and absolutely love the photos he took. His work has helped us to prove that this method works and we are hoping to develop an interactive activity using this for our next Science Festival.

If you create your own gadgets and would like to be part of Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire in 2014, complete the online form here for your chance to get involved.

Another confirmed maker! – Dirty Electronics

At the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire you’ll have the chance to experience the cutting-edge of music with digital makers Dirty Electronics. Join designer John Richards for a half-day workshop to build your own version of the Mutesynth II (dotmatrix), a hand-held synth with visual display.

The instrument features a noise generator, feedback and oscillation, wave shaping and a sequencer with internal and external clock control.


At its core is a versatile mini patchbay that provides expansion and modification permutations and a grid-like visual representation of patched parameters. The patchbay encourages playfulness and a particular interaction with the instrument.

The printed circuit board artwork features multiple electrodes in the form of small grid-like squares that provide a labyrinth of possible connections and resulting behaviours. Different sequences and visual patterns are created through hybrid 4-bit binary coding, feedback and distortion.

The full version of the Mutesynth II will be released by Mute Records later this year.


Price: £35

Further details and booking information will be available on announcement of the Edinburgh Mini Maker Faire programme.